Exciting things are in the work~

23 May 2018
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Exciting things are in the work~

We have a lot happening over here at Samantha Knight Fine Jewelry! 😅


We’re currently working on a new/freshened up website! Once we launch, looking like the end of summer early fall, we’ll have a real “Posting” page. We are so excited for this feature! 👏🏻


We have many events happening too. Please keep you eyes peeled on Instagram for announcements! Another feature on our new site, will be the ability to sign up for our “Event Announcements” 🙌🏻


I’m heading to San Francisco tonight for a private show tomorrow and will enjoy a couple days in SF with two of my daughters. Can’t wait! (insert dancing girl GIF here) 💃🏻


MARK YOUR CALENDAR - June 7th 12-2pm!

I’ll be at Veronica Beard on Melrose Place 🥂




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